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Iris Fantasy

Iris Fantasy


Art-nouveau iris ring with sapphire; 14K

Yesterday I visited a tattoo shop to ask about redoing and adding to my ankle tattoos.  I had planned to wait until the fall, as so far this year I’ve had my face lasered twice and my legs once (ouch!).  I really was not in the mood to pay someone to hurt me again, but the artist is moving out of town shortly and since her tattoo portfolio spoke to me in a way no other had, I went.  While I waited, I chatted with the women ahead of me.  We joked about the perspective of getting tattooed as “older” clients (it seems to hurt more, it’s a pain to schedule around adult obligations like jobs, remodeling, carpet cleaning.  After she had a brief consultation and booked an appointment, it was my turn.

My consult was a great experience, and she gave me two options for redesigning my iris tattoo from college, into a less realistic “fantasy flower” or making the iris a stem and adding the apple blossoms I had wanted as backdrop to my poppy tattoo to my right ankle instead. Originally I had wanted a new iris on top of the existing one, to make a much larger flower.  In the end, the increased size didn’t deter me so much as the realization that the tattoo would be darker than I wanted.  After some discussion, she said she would recommend the fantasy flower approach if she had to choose.  I have a May 20th appointment and an assignment to look for images, maybe art nouveau or art deco blossoms, or vintage textiles.  As I began my search, I came across this incredible iris ring. I’m half considering it as a design idea,though I’m not sure how it could be incorporated; then again, I may just let the tattoo artist do her thing, free-hand a design, and see where it goes. 


Another Round of Blues

Ring of the day:


Ahem.  Can you hear me over the crickets, or do I need to speak up?  During yoga class this morning, I watched my mind drift to something I had signed up for via email:  a 28-day challenge.  The challenge is to spend 28 days improving your life in any area you choose:  health and fitness, personal relationships, work, whatever.  I’ve been lurking on the message boards, wondering what I should choose.  I fully intended to make a concrete list this weekend, but….. Day 1, Monday, came and went and still no list. 

As I drove towards the sunrise and towards home, a song I hadn’t heard for a while came on the radio.

“Here we go again
Another round of blues
Several miles ago
I set down my angel shoes
On a lost highway
For a better view
Now in my mind’s eye
All roads lead to you”


Shawn Colvin’s words reminded me of this blog, another thing I had planned for someday, languishing as I doubted my ability to fill it.  In a moment I found my challenge: to post here every day for 28 days, without attachment to form or results.  See you tomorrow!