I like this fois bois ring. I love the idea of the texture getting more and more rustic with wear, and how the sides are a little thick and knobby like a branch.

Short post…. had a bit of a meltdown tonight. We saw 6 homes today, and I was really hoping I would be moved to make an offer, but alas I was not. They were all possibilities, but none of them was quite right. The two I was most excited about were downright disappointing. We did work out a counteroffer to submit tomorrow (though I came close to scrapping the whole sale idea) and my husband will view another home tomorrow. Maybe by Monday afternoon we will have an answer to our counter and we will be able to see how to proceed. I’m on MucinexD to clear my wretched sinuses so that should help too (yes, I literally need to clear my head).

I keep reminding myself that I don’t *need* to decide anything, but it’s difficult when the one place I could see myself moving into as is sold before my husband could see it, and the other units available in the same complex just don’t seem to measure up. May tomorrow bring clarity for us all.