Dainty Stack

I really like the simplicity of Carla Caruso designs. She has beautiful, affordable wedding options. This stack of rings is classic, interesting, and buildable all at once; it would be easy for someone to start with one band and add on for anniversaries or occasions.

The seller of the hippie condo asked for an extension as he has been in Little Rock and did not have access to a computer to review our offer. We should hear back by 3 pm today. If this place doesn’t work out for some reason, I imagine we will rent, unless a new home materializes. In the meantime, I have the impending reply to distract me from the excitement/dread of my tattoo appointment this evening! I have fully committed to letting Jennifer freehand a new flower over my existing tattoo and hopefully adding to my poppy. I’m not looking forward to the sting, but I am looking forward to new tattoos(s). It seems appropriate that I would add the Arkansas state flower behind my Georgia O’Keefe poppy as I have finally committed to staying here a little longer.